There's no shortage of technology trivia floating around, so check out (what we think are) these cool fun facts about technology that you might not know about! Now you can impress friends and family with your technology savviness

1. More than 6,000 new PC infections are made and delivered each month. 90% of messages contain some type of malware!

2. The Firefox logo isn't a fox… it's a red panda!

3. Samsung is 38 years and multi month more seasoned than Apple.

4. One Petabyte (PB) = 1024 (TB). To place this in context, a 50PB hard drive could hold the whole composed works of humankind from the start of written history in all dialects.

5. Alexa is continually paying attention to your discussions. Alexa stores the entirety of your discourse history in the cloud to further develop the Alexa experience.

6. Overall, individuals read 10% more slow from a screen than from paper.

7. The principal PC mouse was made in 1964 by Doug Engelbart. It was rectangular and produced using wood!

8. Overall, there is just one answer for every 12 million spam messages sent.

9. Specialists that grew up playing computer games over three hours out of each week make 37% less blunders and have a 42% quicker finish rate when performing laparoscopic medical procedure and stitching.

10. NASA's web speed is 91 GB each second.

11. Until 2010, transporter pigeons were quicker than the web.

12. In 1971, the first since forever PC infection was created. Named Creeper, it was made as a trial just to perceive how it spread between PCs. The infection just showed the message: "I'm the creeper, get me if possible!"